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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


May 22, 2019


Wow that's more music than monkeys in a barrel!

Of course there was only ever 1 DJ who could bring us the 100th set...thats right, the very man who started us off with Ep. 1

Collin Stone

We've come full circle. Speechless? I am! Nothing left to do but crank it up and dance!

Love Always, The Drunken...

Apr 20, 2019

As the Dramatik one often says "House Music All Night Long" ! Indeed I listened and thought it was some pretty amazing straight up underground House music,  to which I was corrected  - Tech House -  prompting my reply - Potato Patato!  Does it matter if it keeps you dancing?   Lets find out. Dance away! 

Love always,...

Dec 23, 2018

-Set 3 of 3-

!! A plague on both your houses !!

You've heard Montague. You've heard Capulet. But the story's not fully told. The final chapter tells the story of Mercutio, Romeos best friend, who's story is the bonus set to Tony Morellos amazing interpretation of Shakespeare through music. This time the mix comes via a...

Nov 25, 2018

-Set 2 of 3-

A brilliant take on Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet, this is set 2 of Tony Morello's genius level concept. This time the focus is on the Capulet family as interpreted through driving and intense Trance! Hold on tight for this one people, its gonna hit you like a dagger through the heart! 

Enjoy the...

Oct 27, 2018


-Set 1 of 3-

Never short on brilliant execution. Tony's concept album on Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet takes you into the story through house music. Amazing to be sure! Yet not the first time its been done, in fact this is a sequel! Yes, Tony's original, if you may recall from some time ago, was so well...