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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


Nov 23, 2011

One Year of podcasting has now led us full circle. Back to the Monkey who started us off with his amazing COTTON CLUB set, which to date still runs as our flagship set with more downloads than any other. Collin Stone is his name...deep and smooth is his game! He resides now in the beautiful and international city of Vancouver from where he has easy flight access to his gowing fanbase on the West Coast of the US, Hawaii, Japan and Asia and even now Austrailia and New Zealand. We all miss his Monkey Madness back home at the Calgary Studio but we also know that the show must go on! There are hungry dancers out there starving for beats, and Collin Stone is the goodwill ambassador of House! You go Collin, you feed the world! People of the world, please get ready to dance! This is Collin Stone and his set - Did You? Hear That! Love always, The Drunken Monkey.