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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


Jun 7, 2013

The Original! Yes, finally the set you've all been waiting for, so enough with all the emails and strongly worded letters! We have presented Tony Morello's highly acclaimed Mirrorball series in backwards order, and have finally made it to the original and what critics and clubkids agree is the best! Mirrorball is a masterpiece of mixing precision with enough bump for your rump to keep you dancing uncontrollably. Now you know why Tony is the Big Smile DJ of the world! Dance floors are his life and when people dance and smile and have fun, Tony's smile expands like a Cheshire Cat! Looking forward to some amazing stuff from the Winnipeg Studio soon Tony, we know you won't disappoint! Laidies and Gentleman, Lemons of all ages, Please enjoy the original Mirrorball in all its glory! Bet you cant stand still! Love Always, The DruNken MonKey.