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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


May 20, 2014

Like a ghost from the shadows, he’s back! Yes DJ Hans…the master, the divine one, the broken man. Having just toured the underground scene in Portugal, and Andalucia, his sudden appearance in the Mixed By Monkeys studio was again a godsend. Presenting us with a little one hour treat of deep and underground house recorded live in a grimy sweaty underground that shall stay nameless. Believe it or not, recorded on 100% vinyl records. It hold mysteries and magic of the dance floor both fresh like a newborn babe and old like the rhythmic drums of antiquity. Prepare to have your mind blasted…yet again, by the one and only DJ Hans. So Get Up! Love always, The Drunken Monkey.