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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


Feb 1, 2013

Admiral Stone: Our ships have sighted the Millennium Falcon, Lord. But it has entered an asteroid field and we can not risk...
Darth Vader: [interupting] Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship, not excuses.

The Importance of a good command ship cannot be understated. It is a vital tool to assume and hold command of a fleet or even an entire star system. It can instill fear, shock and awe upon your enemies and project grandeur and majesty to allies. In short a good command ship means the difference between conquering the galaxy or not.  So assume command and let no mere asteroids stand between you and your goals! With this in mind our good DJ Collin Stone mixed this set with intentions to catch the Mellennium Falcon. Good luck sir and we'll be dancing along right beside you! Hang on dancers, were are about to make the jump into hyperspace! Love always, The DrunKen MonKey.