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Drunken Monkey Podcast

No matter where you are in the world, somebody somewhere is dancing to a Drunken Monkey DJ!


Nov 6, 2020



He's Back! 

We are so happy to have another amazeballs set from Caylem Simeon. Now here's a DJ that understands the Hero's Journey!  Look it up if you need to...or just trust and relax. This set will take you places and show you things and live and breath. Are you ready? 


Trust the DJ

Love Always, The...

Oct 8, 2020


Welcome Saint Andru!

His first Drunken Monkey Podcast, and well deserved! This one is obviously for the House heads out there. Many of you would agree when I say...

House Muisc All Night Long!

Andru you are indeed a Saint. Oh and what does the NM stand for?  Not gonna lie, I have no idea! Does it matter? Nah,...

Jul 16, 2020


Boom! Just like that...

Collin Stone is a part of your life again. He's been on a major tear in the music scene lately having released a boatload of original new tracks, and now another amazing DJ set. He does this all for you!  Yes you! Even you down there dancing by yourself on the left. Especially you there,...

Mar 29, 2020


Hes a madman!

Thats right,  Collin Stone just doesn't quit with his superb underground series - KREaTE. This third instalment does not disappoint! This is seriously some of the highest quality deep progressive and underground house music you will ever hear!

I have spoken...

Love always, The Drunken...

Jan 12, 2020


Time for the after party!  Oh yes that's right, the dust has barely settled on our 100th Episode celebration which was Collin Stone - Kreate...then he drops the bomb - there's more!! 

This is late night, this is after hours, this is the underground, this is your life, this is your time to shine. Dance now?

Make it...